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Zip code:311800

Address: Zhejiang Zhuji Branded Feida Environmental Protection Industrial Park

Technology (Reserve Talent)

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Minimum Education:


Number of recruiters:


Experience requirements:


Work Area:


Male, under 45 years old, graduated from a vocational school or technical school; Stable personality, meticulous work, hardworking, and obedient to the overall situation; The local nationality of Zhuji is preferred.

Main job responsibilities:

1. Mainly engaged in molding production, familiar with and mastering the basic operating essentials of leather covers, molds, salt injection, sintering, flanging, and other processes;

2. Determine the training plan based on the personality characteristics and skill level of the personnel, and after passing the assessment, become a key training object in the technical field;

3. Salary structure: base salary+personal production commission+bonus;

4. 2 days off per month

Detailed description of job benefits

The working hours are 8 hours (8:00 am -11:20 am; 12:15 pm -16:45 pm), and overtime pay is calculated separately. The salary is paid monthly; The company provides work meal subsidies and employee accommodation; Unified payment of five insurances; Shuttle transportation to and from the city center.

Contact number: 87510500 13362565815 (WeChat synchronization)

Interview and work address: Paitou Feida Environmental Protection Industrial Park (next to the intersection of Paitou Expressway), bus routes 129 and 131 are available in the directions of Shan, Anhua, and Zhengjiawu. You can also get off at Shushuwang Village, located next to Feida Environmental Protection Company.