Zip code:311800

Address: Zhejiang Zhuji Branded Feida Environmental Protection Industrial Park


Company Development Notes

●In 1959, Zhuji Plastics General Factory was established to engage in research and development, production and sales of various plastic pipes and products;

●In 1985, Zhejiang Zhuji Anti-corrosion Pipeline Factory was established, becoming the first enterprise in China to produce all kinds of steel-lined composite pipes;

●In 2003, Zhejiang Tongqiu Environmental Protection Pipe Co., Ltd. was established to upgrade from a single steel-lined plastic anti-corrosion pipeline to various environmental protection pipes that meet multi-level requirements;

●In June 2003, the organization drafted and compiled the power industry standard "steel-plastic composite pipe and fittings" DL/T935-2005;

●In December 2003, the product passed “to the drinking water health and safety products”; production license;

●In February 2004, the company passed the three-system certification of “Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System”;

●In June 2004, “plastic alloy pipes and fittings for water supply were identified as “high-tech products of Zhejiang Province”;

●In February 2007, Zhejiang Feida Tongqiu Environmental Protection Pipe Co., Ltd. was established. Tongqiu Group Co., Ltd. and domestic air pollution control leading enterprise Zhejiang Feida Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (the company was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in July 2000, securities Code 600526) Co-investment;

●In April 2007, the company's technology research and development center was rated as “Shaoxing City-level Enterprise Technology Center”;

●In June 2007, the company acquired more than 60 mu of land in Kunming National Environmental Protection Park in Yunnan, and invested in the establishment of the largest environmental protection pipe R&D and production base in Southwest China;

●In December 2007, “high-tech modified ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe” was identified as “a high-tech product in Zhejiang Province”;

●In October 2008, more than 50 mu of land was acquired in the Fida Environmental Protection Park to realize the transformation of products from extensive production to intensive production;

●In October 2010, the company obtained the “manufacturing process of internal and external anti-corrosion PTFE pipe fittings”, “Method of manufacturing steel-lined ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe by molding method”, “two invention patents;

●In March 2013, the company was rated as “Science and Technology SMEs in Zhejiang Province”;

●In December 2013, the company was rated as “Shaoxing Patent Demonstration Enterprise”;

●In October 2014, the company was recognized as “High-tech Enterprise”;

●In December 2014, the company passed the “safety production standardization three-level enterprise”; rd;;

●In January 2016, the organization drafted and compiled the chemical industry standard "Selection series of plastic-lined steel pipes and fittings" HG/T20538-2016