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Effectively promote the implementation of the "three-management" responsibility of "environmental protection in management development, environmental protection in the industry, and environmental protection in production"

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2023-08-08 10:47

In response to the 9 common issues reported in the "Looking Back" of the Central Environmental Protection Supervision in 2018, we will strengthen early intervention and supervision and guidance on cases of destroying the ecological environment.

Fully promote the construction of the national ecological civilization experimental zone, effectively promote the implementation of the "three-pipe" responsibility of "the development must be managed, the industry must be managed, and the production must be managed", the water quality of the centralized drinking water source is stabilized at the Class II water quality standard 2 people were punished by party discipline. At the same time, Quannan County implemented the “one-vote veto” in the assessment of ecological civilization construction. For the content of the work report, Quannan County has newly established a joint law enforcement working group for special rectification of catering oil fume. The county has formulated rectification plans one by one. From January to March this year, all 13 letters and visits were completed. The county investigated and handled 4 violations of discipline and law in the environmental protection field. Developed a pilot natural resource asset management audit. The compliance rate was 100%. The county’s annual average PM2.5 was 17.8ug/m3. The county has a strong and dense ecological civilization construction legal protection network, which is the county’s legal constraints to promote ecological civilization This is a microcosm of the construction. Since the change of term, Quannan County has continuously improved the environmental supervision system and mechanism, carried out annual evaluations on the performance of duties and responsibilities of the township, and transferred the judicial organs to deal with 3 people. They were praised by the surrounding people unanimously. Solve them one by one.

To increase the assessment weight of ecological civilization construction.

Recently, the ecological priority orientation has been highlighted, among which Quannan County has made great efforts to improve the accountability system.

The major river crossing sections all reach Class II water quality. The central environmental protection supervision "look back" problem rectification, low-quality and low-efficiency forest reconstruction, and beautiful rural construction are included in the key supervision and supervision content. The county has also established supervision and accountability mechanism,.

Improve the "responsibility chain" of leading cadres for consultations on environmental damage to accountability, one-vote veto, and outgoing audits.